PRAGUE - Detailed Picture Guide

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A detailed illustrated guide to the city with panoramic drawings of Prague's historical monuments.

The English version of an exceptional guide to Prague, which belongs among the essential equipment of every Prague admirer.

This is definitely a book you will return to before and after your walk through Prague. It will allow you to prepare your walk through Prague without a guidebook and at the same time learn something new about the sights you will see on your route.

It contains 156 monuments and their artistic decoration in 1400 colour photographs and drawings.

The author is Tomáš Rygl. Don't miss his panoramic maps of Prague.

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A short introductory text briefly describes the history of the building, the basis of which is in a large picture, drawn so that the inside can be seen, and accompanied by captions of significant elements.

Then, several smaller pictures or photographs of details such as wall and ceiling drawings, statues, altars, etc. are scattered around the page.

A useful, though probably often out-of-date, list of opening times of the monument concerned is also included.


German translation

Russian translation